Platinumb Wreckordz - Rebel Naked
  Platinumb Wreckordz
  Young Stroke
  Dwank Mob
  Rebel Naked
  Nicky Heartness American Rocker
Rebel Naked is, far and away, the hottest Electronic Hair Metal band on Earth, complete with gratuitous amounts of Autotune, curse words and computerized guitar solos!  Rebel Naked appeared in early 2009 with their unequivocal single "Beer Can City."  Shortly after, their version of Nicky Heartness' track "Tread With Trepidation" established them as credible artists in a genre only inhabited by them!  Their self-titled debut album is still in the works, but the 2010 remix of "Tread With Trepidation" can only be contained for so long before it explodes on to the legit music charts!

LINKS!  (Warning, contains Nakedness of the Rebel variety!)

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